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In & Out Automotive Paint Repairs is a one-stop shop for all Auto Body Repairs and motor vehicle Paint and Scratch Repair. All major collisions including framework repair.
A very professional and dedicated group of individuals. Highly recommended for all Auto Body or Paint repairs needed.

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In and Out was established August of 2018 and have been serving the Okanagan region since its inception. We offers reliable, efficient and cost effective car repair. Our service Team led by Christopher Parkinson, has over 15 Years of experience working in the Okanagan valley.


Auto Body Repair

Guarantee precision in touch up. As time has advanced so too has body filler itself, and today you can find the highest quality products for even lower prices.


Automotive Paint Repair

We are committed to delivering Factory Matched Automotive Paint at a affordable price. We offer a wide range of colours and sizes varies from a touch up to full body repaint.


Framework Repair

Mobile Auto body, Collision repair including Frame repair. Total restore of damaged body panels. Bumper side skirts repair or installation. We make it easy and affordable to do a full restoration.

In & Out:

Owner Profile

  • Education : Certified Automotive Refinishing Interprovincial Refresher
  • Jobs : 5 Years at Prestige Collison & 4 Years at Boyd Autobody
  • Years of Experience: Over 15 Years as a Automotive Refresher
  • Job Scope: Do personal jobs and work for local car dealership

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